Rubens (3)Rubens 17th century is still omnipresent in 21st century Antwerp. On this walk we will follow his traces

The painter will show us his different faces; that from the art collector, the gifted artist, the diplomat, the loving husband & father, the friend, …
In gardens from close friends like printer Balthasar Moretus in the Plantin Moretus Museum and mayor Nicholas Rockox who shared his passion for beauty, in churches like the church St Charles Borromeo where he shows us his multiple talents and last but not least in his house where he spent a large part of his life as a painter, a teacher and a family man.

The walk includes a visit of the Cathedral of our Lady where Carolien will show you 4 masterpieces of this talented man.
Kathedraal en Putteke

The highlight of this tour is a visit to the renowned Rubens’ House. This is the place where the master created his unforgettable paintings, where he worked with his pupils and other famous artists like Anthony Van Dijck. But this is also the place where he spent pleasant times with his wife and children. We will visit the kitchen, master bedroom, his art collection chamber, … and finally the workshop where some of his wonderful paintings still can admired.


Pietro Paulo Rubens. Antwerp’s most famous ambassador. The man who’s life reads like a novel.

An intriguing story,a life with ups and downs. The sorrow for his mother who spent a fortune trying to save her husband from execution after his adulterous affair. The loss of his loving wife Isabella to a terrible disease and later his adorable little daughter.clara serena

But a few years later the tables turned. He found happiness again with Helena Fourment, a beautiful young woman. She was his great love, and a source of endless inspiration during his last years.

Peter Paul Rubens left us a wonderful legacy and Antwerp would not be the city it is today without him.

  • From Tuesday till Sunday
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: 30euro pp based on minimum 15 participants (entrance fee Rubenshuis and OLV Cathedral included)


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