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Antwerp reached a summit in the 16th century both on a commercial and on an artistic level. This period is often referred to as the “Golden Age”.

Antwerp had taken over a leading position as trading capital to the disadvantage of Bruges and did what it had to do to maintain this position.

The wealth of the city attracted thousands of people from all over Europe. Traders, artists, civilians, … they all wanted to share in the wealth of Antwerp and population boomed.plantinmoretus bononsiensis

One of these entrepreneurs was Christophe Plantin. He became the world’s first industrial printer.

The saga of Plantin and the Moretus family lasted for 3 centuries and still fascinates us. Not in the least because of the radical views of the founder of the printing workshop that weren’t always identical to the country’s leaders.PlantinMoretusMuseum gevel

450 years later, Christoffel Plantijn and the Moretus family invite you to their house, their company, bookshop, their library.

The Plantin Moretus museum is an intact 16th century family home and printing workshop of a very influential citizen in the 16th century.Plantin moretus unesco

Together with Carolien you will explore private rooms, the office, the corrector’s room, the archives, the impressive geography room with old globes and maps, the breathtaking inner court and of course the printing workshop itself.plantin moretus  (3)

The printing workshop houses the oldest printing presses of the world, 2 of them are from the 16th century, and in the house you’ll see several portraits painted by Rubens, a friend of the family. No wonder UNESCO has added this beautiful museum to their list of wold heritage.

  • From Tuesday till Sunday
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: 20euro pp based on a minimum of 15 participants (entrance fee musueml included)

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In summer of 2016, the Plantin Moretus closes its doors temporarily for restoration. It will be closed from May 30, 2016 until September 29, 2016 .
On September 30 the museum reopens.