On every street corner and very often in between, you can find a bar in Antwerp.

Some of them old fashioned with nostalgic postcards attached to crooked walls, trendy lounge bars where the beautiful people sip from their martini cocktails, all round cafeterias where the regulars order their first Duvel at 9 am and where the salesgirls from the local supermarket eat a vegetarian pasta for lunch, …Muze

People from Antwerp do spend quite some time in bars.

This pub tour will take you to classics like ‘het 11de gebod’, specialist jenever bars like ‘de Vagant’, new comers like Copa Cava, …
Get ready for some anecdotes and stories about the city and the people who live there.bolleke

Park your car along the quays. It’ll still be there in the morning.

  • From Tuesday till Sunday
  • Duration: 3 hours, 1 drink pp included
  • Price: 20euro pp based on a minimum of 15 participants (incl 1 drink pp)

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