PokerworkshopCheck out this workshop on Chance, Luck and Poker in Antwerp.
Learning to play this tactical game as a professional and even more, learn to understand luck, and coincidence.

For many people, poker is no more than just a gambling game, a hype, a mystery.

But did you know that this game can also teach you how to be happier in life? Poker even can learn you how to ‘manipulate’  your chances … hand
The ‘Academy of Luck’ organizes exciting and fun workshops that will alter your perception of luck.

Experienced croupiers show you the tricks of a successful poker player, and how you can use them too. You will get insights in the various dimensions of this card game: the importance of the right strategy, the psychology of the opponent, how and when to bluff and take action … and much more. Pokerworkshop3All of this can come in handy in real life.

This workshop can be combined with dinner, lunch, drinks and snacks ….


Duration: minimum 2 hours

Participants: 8 to 12 participants per table, multiple tables possible

Mail for more information.